Men’s jewelry

As mentioned the jewelry, most of us think it would be the women’s right to buy and wear the beautiful jewelry. But it shows that the growth of men’s jewelry is increasing quickly at present. A survey reported that most percents of women supported the men should wear the jewelry more than just the wedding ring to be more handsome and charming. Men like to appreciate the beautiful girls, meanwhile, women like to enjoy the handsome men. So the jewelry is a way to attract their eyes.

The first thing should be known before choosing the men’s jewelry is that the jewelry is no exaggeration. The gold and silver come to be the most popular for the men’s jewelry, and then come to the metal material such as alloy, platinum, stainless steel, titanium and so on. The watches, tie bars, rings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks are the most popular among the young men nowadays.

Rings must be the most important jewelry for men. The men’s rings are not as various as women’s, they always come in a simple style with gold, silver or metal material. Men can choose the tradition material rings such as some precious metal, gold or silver; they also can choose the modern style in industrial metal.

When choosing the necklace of men’s, the length should be better between 18 to 24 inches. The men’s necklaces always have thick chain, it should be the golden or silver chain without any pendant.

It is common for the men wearing the earrings, in general, the earrings can show one’s personality and liking. All the men’s earrings are ear pins, it looks very odd to see a man wearing the ear drops.

After learning how to choose the right jewelry for men, they need to know how to keep jewelry in a good condition. Store the jewelry in the jewelry box avoiding from chemicals and activities. Washing and cleaning the jewelry for a period of time in order to protect your skin.

Earring stand – shopping advices

Before deciding on a certain earring stand, you should know how big and spacious it may be. Some of us may need a stand that can keep just 6 to 8 pairs of earrings while jewelry fanatic will need a lot more. If you want to buy it just for display and you intend to keep a couple of pairs in plain sight and the others in your jewelry drawer, than the design is the uttermost important feature, and not the size.

While a jewelry tree is great for hoop earrings, if you have a lot of stud earrings this might not work. More modern design can come with horizontal leaves can hold up to two pairs of smaller earrings. If you want a simple look, look for a jewelry stand made from wood as a shiny, metallic one is more suited for a modern look.

Check the base of the stand. Many displays look good but they are technically unable to hold more earrings, even if they were designed to. It has to be sturdy and perfectly finished because if you tend to put more earrings on the left side if the base isn’t solid and heavier, the earrings stand will most likely fall.

A plain, black or white support, with lots of small holes is a great choice if you want to have all your earrings on display. It can be T shaped or it can have a funky shape. Rotating earring stands allow you to hang more earrings and to easily browse around until you decide on a certain pair. This display allows you to hang even your necklaces or bracelets if you wish to.

So, if you want to impress, choose an earring stand that has a unique design and shape but less space for your jewelry and if the look is less important, look for simple stands that can hold lots of earrings.

Jewelry armoire – a fancy and feminine storage solution

Keeping your jewelry in one place helps you to easily find what you look for, it prevents your jewelry from being tangled/knotted and it keeps them scratch free. This piece will add a nice touch to the room and it will keep it organized. Instead of throwing your jewelry on the bathroom counter, vanity table, on the desk or whatever you find a free place, put them in the armoire and next time when you decide to wear the exact pieces you know where to find them.

Vintage vs modern design. If you have a French style inspired bedroom, a white jewelry armoire will be a perfect addition and it will keep your jewelry away from kids and pets. All brown wood finishes are great choices for a traditional armoire while cabinets in white or black, with several simple details and a glossy finish are a good match for the modern, minimalist style.

Wall mounted jewelry armoire. If you need just a small storage solution and especially if you don’t have enough floor space for a regular jewelry armoire, this option will go just great. Opt for a model that has a mirror on the door so that you can try on the jewelry right on spot and decide what you want to wear a lot quicker than if you had to run to the mirror to check it up.

Storage. Hooks for necklaces and bracelets, punctured holes for various types of earrings and even a ring support. A wider armoire can have pretty spacious drawers where you can keep lots and lots of pieces. Compared to a plain jewelry stand, an armoire is the epitome of space and elegance and your husband will be truly grateful that he doesn’t see a ring or a necklace wherever he looks.

What to look for. Gliding/side doors, a flip top mirror, hidden drawers, scratch resistant and ample storage, these are the main features that you should keep an eye on. A jewelry armoire with superior craftsmanship allows you to use the space to maximum: the necklace hooks can be placed in zigzag so that they can be super close but still don’t tangle. As your jewelry will be in plain sight, look for an armoire that can be locked or has security features in case you have a bad intentioned guest.

You can buy a jewelry armoire online if you want to read product reviews or from your local furniture store if you know what you want. Thrift stores or garage sales are other places where you can find this product at bargain prices.

Jewelry Design & Repair

Everyone knows, almost everybody on the planet likes jewellery, right? And we have to get it done sometimes. Well, you will find plenty of jewelry retailers within the town where you reside just how are you aware what to do? It absolutely is dependent on what you’re searching for within the jewelry salesman or repair center. Jewellery stores should have high quality work and person to person to ensure that it may stick out in the other stores. They should provide a wide range of services that might provide you with a personal preference to select them.

Making the best pick of a jewellery repair center can be hard. Case because you need to be absolutely positive that you’re placing your bit of jewellery within the right and reliable hands. If you do not employ a shop who’s skilled it might have major draw backs. This consequently could cause you losing plenty of money by means of the need for your item. It’s likewise an undeniable fact that not every the jewelry retailers available are really experienced in their trade… some are simply plain terrible at the things they’re doing (the thing is mtss is a lot in mall stores). Thus, it’s natural that you ought to be extra alert in what you are handing your jewellery to for maintenance or repairs.

You will find some things you could do to make your quest for any reliable shop a great deal simpler and simpler. When you’re searching, it may be essential that you see all of the designs within the store they have already fixed or restored. It’s also necessary for find out if the designer can offer a variety of gems they would replace in a bit of jewellery once they do the repair. Lastly, it’s also imperative to focus on the standard and also the services the store offers by means of on-line reviews. Then, and just then, after you have carried this out whatever you can you use and provide all of them with your valuable business.

Among the greatest problems many jewellery stores have with repair services isn’t overcharging, but undercharging. By using your jewellery software, you may create a menu of repair services according to actual some time and materials which will go ahead and take uncertainty from estimations and expenses.

Make use of the record-keeping ability of the jewellery software.

Make use of your jewellery software to trace every cost on all repair jobs. Including labor, materials, in addition to, a portion of the overhead.

Please subdivide your repairs into groups. Worthwhile jewellery computer software will easily permit you to design a database for various sorts of product repairs, for example:

Watch repair




Broachesalong with other product types

Within a short while, based on volume, you’ll soon have sufficient straight answers saved inside your jewellery software to consider a lot of the uncertainty from most repair estimations.

For convenience, you might want to organize these details into a user friendly prices menu and print copies. This can be a job most jewellery software packages are designed for effortlessly.

Your jewellery software can also add a picture of efficiency.

Make use of your jewellery software to arrange the take-in process. By creating and making an calculating menu for mending, you’ll have already taken the initial step.

Jewellery software can, also, be employed to produce a receipt for that repair item and simultaneously produce a work order. By getting point about this done instantly from your jewellery software, you’ll look efficient and capable within the eyes from the customer.

Jewelry Design & Repair

This will be significant. Repair clients like coping with well-organized and efficient retailers. This is an image which will reflect positively in your entire store.

Tie the job order along with your jewellery software repair-monitoring program.

Using the versatility of the good jewellery computer software, you are able to setup the monitoring of the repair job simultaneously you type in the job order. Then you definitely, or whomever handles the repair, you will need to enter some time and materials once the job is began.

Stop undercharging for the repair services and using them as an income center. This is just one illustration of the way the versatility of the good jewellery computer software can also add dollars for your main point here.

When looking for fine jewellery on your own or a family member, you will find several benefits to purchasing from local jewelry retailers. Furthermore in your area established jewelry retailers carry higher quality jewellery, but they’re also more skillful about gemstone quality and jewellery trends. Local jewelry retailers offer services for example jewellery repair and restoration, and creating a rapport having a jewelry salesman can result in an enduring professional relationship. Here are a few reasons why you need to purchase from a residential area jewelry salesman.


Regional jewelry retailers will frequently carry far better quality jewellery than retailers, which focus on everyone. A sizable jewellery store will even only carry corporate-approved choice of jewellery, and might not have the choices you’re searching for. A more compact local jewelry salesman will frequently have a wider choice of jewellery, more unique jewellery, and frequently heirloom products produced from gold and silver and gems. Many local jewelry retailers will also be artists who create their own designs in addition to custom jewellery pieces only for you.


Where you live jewelry salesman isn’t just a jewellery retail store. While retailers might sell jewellery, neighborhood jewelry retailers frequently offer a number of services for their clients. An expert jewelry salesman is been trained in custom jewellery design, jewellery repair, antique restoration, and frequently watch repair. At the local jewelry salesman you will get repairs for your damaged jewellery, plus some jewelry retailers could also sell and repair quality watches. Many local jewelry retailers will even buy used gold for money or store credit. By having an area jewelry salesman, you are able to frequently obtain a better cost for the damaged gold jewellery compared to a gold buyer with the mail.


Jewelry Design & Repair

Probably the most important good reasons to purchase from a nearby jewellery store is the many years of expertise. An expert jewelry salesman can answer the questions you have about gems, configurations, cut and style more completely than an worker in a chain store. Local jewelry retailers will also be frequently more prepared to respond to questions and assist you in choosing the best jewellery for you personally. Because many jewelry retailers offer jewellery repair services, they’re more skillful about sizing, changing missing gemstones, along with other jewellery restoration factors.


A trustworthy local jewelry salesman could be reliable to market quality products in addition to offer inexpensive price points. Having a local jewelry salesman, you can rely on that the new jewellery will come across or exceed your anticipation. In case your regional jewelry salesman buys used gold, you may also trust that they’ll provide you with a fair cost. Trades and returns could be simpler with local jewelry retailers since you can go ahead and take jewellery straight to the shop.


The very best factor about purchasing from the neighborhood jewelry salesman is creating a lasting professional relationship. When you may have the ability to buy a particular bit of jewellery online or in a chain store, a trustworthy local jewelry salesman is going to be there for you personally through the years. Local jewelry retailers take pride in creating a rapport using their clients and serving their demands.

Our suggestions for jewelry stands

If you are sick of having to search for the right earrings until you go crazy or having to deal with tangled/knotted jewelry, than it’s time to make a change. Use your old jewelry box just for rings or small pendants and look for jewelry stands that fulfill your needs. They have to be sturdy enough so they don’t fall if your overcrowd them and to be able to hold various types of jewelry.

T bar. You’ve probably seen this type of jewelry stand in most jewelry stores as they are used to hold bracelets, small necklaces or watches. A 3 tier bar provides more space and the highest bar can be used for longer jewelry pieces. A punctured T bar can be used to display all your pierced earrings but it’s not so easy to find one.

Jewelry tree. I love this option! You have lots of designs from which to pick and if you are crafty you can make your own display at home. All you need is a twig with lots of ramifications, a spay paint and a small pot. Fill the pot with plastic grass or fabric scraps and then just glue the twig. You will have a great looking display and you can customize it as you wish. These jewelry stands are not the best option if you want something that can hold lots of products as the jewelry tree is more for decorative purposes.

Acrylic jewelry display. This is the best choice if you have a lot of earrings and you keep on ending up with only one earring because you put them all around the house. This display will keep them tangle free and you have all the pairs in sight so you can easily find the pair that you are looking for.

Rotating jewelry stand. A circular model allows you to easily browse through your jewelry and decide fast what you want to wear. It’s tangle/knot free and saves up a lot of space. The swivel base has to move easily and to be supportive enough so that the stand doesn’t fall ruining your jewelry.

Wall jewelry organizer. if you don’t have enough free space on your vanity table or night stand for a regular jewelry stand, opt for the wall solution. This way you can hang all your necklaces and earrings, regarding of their length. Some organizers even come with a small tray for your rings and other accessories that can’t be hung.

Dress stand. This is a super girly choice but unfortunately it can hold only several pairs of earrings as it focuses more on the actual look of the display. You can buy one shaped as a Renaissance lady or like a zero size model, in vintage or modern clothing.

These are the most important jewelry stands that you can find today and all you have to do is to choose the one that fits you best. If you are looking for a stylish way to display your jewelry, i recommend the tree or the dress stand but if you have a huge jewelry collection the wall organizer of an acrylic display are better choices.

The Importance of Wearing Medical ID Jewelry

Clearly, the purpose of wearing medical identification tags or jewelry pieces is as important as breathing. In what way? It basically involves life and death scenarios. During an emergency, for instance, people who are diagnosed with serious hypersensitivity, severe heart condition, brain and nerve dysfunction and other unstable disorders may become unresponsive and paramedics may not be able to fully assess what caused the attack and what treatment to opt for without the presence of any medical alert tags to rely on. The aim is to access life-saving info as basis for the care, medication and procedure needed for the individual’s survival and recovery. The essential details on the jewelry piece may prevent anyone from giving the wrong medication which can aggravate the situation, protect against misdiagnosing the individual and carefully deal with the actual condition before referral to the right doctors is done.

Generally, medical ID jewelry may come as a bracelet, a necklace or even a key chain. You can find details such as your name, the person to contact, your condition, simple guidelines for care etc. engraved on it and large enough to see and read. In many instances, every medical professional is trained to search for any type of alert tags or jewelry when anyone has an episode or is caught up in an urgent situation. You may realize that this sort of identification primarily offers security to the wearers and often, it shows that they have consented to the release of the info required for treatment or any wish to act for and against their present state. If you want to choose one that works, there are several styles and forms to check out and you may start by looking at your local shops or use some online resources to help you.

Wall jewelry organizer

Compared to a jewelry armoire or with small boxes that can hold only several items and tend to tangle them every time, a wall jewelry organizer seems like the perfect choice. The price might be double or even triple, but keep in mind that in most cases you get what you pay for. A $10 jewelry stand might look good in the picture, but when you first take a glimpse at it you will see that it looks cheap and its craftsmanship fits in the $10 mark.

Length is not an issue. If you like to wear, chunky, long necklaces, you won’t be able to hang them on a regular jewelry stand as they are way too long for it. A wall mount necklace holder can do wonders if you want a display just for your necklaces or maybe some bracelets. Hang them separately or place two necklaces on the same hook if you think they look better this way. Your jewelry will stay in one place, it won’t tangle and it’s a great place to show your new purchases.

Jewelry overload. Finding a sturdy and nice looking jewelry organizer it’s a hard task as you face with lots of products that are cheap but also look cheap, that aren’t able to hold all types of earrings or that require a lot of effort when you have to take the jewelry off the display.

You should look for a jewelry stand that allows you to keep various jewelry on it: earrings, either dangle or stud earrings, small necklaces and big bracelets or you should focus on a certain type. For example, an organizer that has lots of hooks for your necklaces and bracelets or one that comes with numerous holes for earrings. If you can find a display that also has a small tray/shelf whether you can keep your rings or medallions prevents you from misplacing them.

Easy DIY solution. Use a pegboard or some mesh wire, frame it, add a glossy finish and voila, a handy dandy wall jewelry organizer that takes les than an hour to put together. Screw some knobs in the frame if you want to add extra storage for longer pieces or just some small hooks if you want to keep things simple. For a girly look, glue a pink fabric to the frame and only then attach the mesh. This way you will have a nicely colored background instead of the plain white color of the wall.

Yes, the look is important, but the wall jewelry organizer should also be practical. The hooks have to be well spaced so that you can take a necklace without worrying that you can damage the others and the holes should hold all types of earrings: studs, chandelier or simple bangles.

Wire Wrapped Jewelry

How Wire Wrapped Jewelry Pieces Make You Big Time

The handcrafted jewelry business is growing fast as many people resort to their creativity and designing power to handcraft fashionable earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and rings. The making of wire wrapped jewelry items for instance is another breakthrough in the jewelry industry. People can immensely show their creativity by working on wire and create masterpieces afterwards.

More About Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Designing and creating hand fabricated jewelry by using wire is one method of jewelry making. The maker uses tools to bind and twist wires together to form a necklace or a bracelet. The tools used in wire wrapping are pliers, pin vise, wire cutters, ring mandrel, scale, and Swiss pattern file. There are various kinds of pliers to be used and such includes flat nose, round nose, chain nose, and bent nose. In fact, a pair of pliers can be used to create a diverse number of jewelry piece designs. Jewelry wires are available in different shapes, too. You see jewelry items that are round, half round, square, triangular, patterned, and flat. The round shaped wire is mostly used in wrapping ring shanks while round wires are used in making earrings and bead rings.

Wire wrapped jewelry pieces are either made of brass, fine silver, gold filled wires, karated gold, or sterling silver. In terms of wire thickness, it can vary from around 8-gauge to 26-gauge thick. Priceless creations made through wire wrapping can be found around the world. Each country signifies their own designs, materials, and accessories in making these most-sought after trendy jewelry pieces. As a designer and creator, you have to identify the latest fashion trends and additions in fashion jewelry so you can come up with your own designs and start working on your wire wrapping.

Techniques in Wire Wrapped Jewelry

In wire wrapping, there are fundamental techniques you need to master and learn by heart. Twisting wire, wrapping a wire bundle, scrolling, shaping, crimping, and flattening the wrap are some of the basics and techniques in wire wrapping. If you are seeking a real business opportunity, you can take advantage of this craft and do jewelry pieces at any place, like your home. Complex and hard-to-operate machines are not needed and you don’t even have to use chemicals to perform the process. As long as you have the tools and your creativity and patience, you will succeed in wire wrapping. In the end, you will create unlimited number of designs and of course very fast turnaround. You can use precious gemstones in designing to add more value and beauty to your creations.

Wire wrapped jewelry items are a real source of treasure and income for the sake of those uninitiated about the business. However, the secret in unleashing the money-making power of wire wrapping is to master the craft itself and to learn to love what you are doing. It would be really nice to look at your own creations worn by people to sport the fashion statement they want.

Handmade Beaded Jewelry

Earn and Take Fancy Over Stunning Handmade Beaded Jewelry Pieces

Are you looking for a good opportunity to showcase your creativity, resourcefulness, and artistry? If you realize that you need to venture to a new business, then you can start earning some money and be competitive by engaging in one of the biggest markets today, the jewelry industry. Many people who want to set trends in fashion are looking at handmade beaded jewelry pieces to match their mood, outfit, or to get the look that will turn heads. This reality can become your biggest break as more people rely on accessories to express themselves. By creating the finest and the most stylish beaded and beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that are carefully handcrafted, you have the edge.

There are many jewelry artists and beaded jewelry makers in the market today. In the sea of handmade beaded jewelry, how can you possibly pave the way and be successful in the end? If it will make you less worrisome, think about how people are looking for jewelry pieces and uniquely designed jewelry sets to exude their personal style in accessorizing. Think about the selling power of handmade beaded jewelry items and how hot they are in the market.

On Mastering Your Craft – Handmade Beaded Jewelry

Think about methods on how to excel in your business by focusing on creating and designing beaded jewelry with your own techniques. As they say, practice makes perfect and with your enthusiasm you will be able to create the finest beaded jewelry in no time. Naturally, you will be a master of your own craft.

The Right Materials are the Key to Handmade Beaded Jewelry

You can definitely create beautiful handmade beaded jewelry if you have beautiful materials. If you can afford the most beautiful and the finest materials, get them. The secret is to choose a specific material like gemstones that will accentuate your style— this can even become your trademark, your signature piece. Beads represent art. The artist who has the ability to bring out the art in a particular material is a genuine one. Each material should have their meaning and representation that will speak for the designer or the creator. If your clients see through what others don’t see in other beaded jewelry items, you gain an advantage. Clients will start looking for your work as you know which materials to rightly choose.

Inspiration Matters, It’s the Real Deal

Don’t simply wish to make money out of handmade beaded materials, be an artist. And at the same time, affect every person who chose to wear your creation. If you set your inspiration straight and right, you will keep from imitating the works of others. Your inspiration can come from the things you see in your surrounding and life events that you experience. Get yourself immersed with the latest fashion trends in jewelry making. Anything can serve as your inspiration, even the story of your life or the music you love can be your inspiration.

Handmade beaded jewelry industry is growing and you can turn your story into a successful story if you try to live with the mentioned recommendations.

Jewelry Making Tools

The Guide in Choosing the Right Jewelry Making Tools

It’s not enough that you have the designing power; you have to be equipped with the right jewelry making tools, too. In jewelry making, you can save time if everything you need comes in handy. Your jewelry business project will be complete with the right tools. Have you gotten the pliers you need to produce and design the most stunning handcrafted beaded necklace or anklet? If you haven’t gotten any yet, then, there is an extensive selection of tools in jewelry making that you can rely on. Your workspace should be packed with jewelry-making essentials like sorting trays, bead boards, spilt rings, polishing cloths, anti-tarnish strips, and all kinds of pliers.

The Categories for Jewelry Making Tools

Jewelry kits and making tools will make everything easier. Whether you are a beginner or not, jewelry kits will save you from encountering troubles and will not waste your time and effort if you are well-provided with the right tools. There are many categories under jewelry kits and tools, and each can either be a mandatory category or and optional category. Depending on your process of making jewelry, you will need the tools that you think will meet your needs. The pliers are essentials and there are a number of pliers and wire cutters that you need in order to work properly. It would be helpful if you identify the kinds of pliers you need first as each pair of pliers function differently. Pliers are used in wire wrapping, cutting, look closing and opening, crimping, and gem-setting.

There are also design aids available and they are basically used to help you make or complete your designs. Bead boards are popular and very useful if you are preparing your beads to string. The markings and numbers embedded in the board serve as your guide in measuring the length of the beaded jewelry. With the small compartments of the boards, you can store your beads while at work.

There are other tools that you need to have in your kit and these are your supplies of adhesives, aprons, needles, solder paste, wire jigs, thimble pads, reamers, cord knotter, magnifier, and clippings and cuttings. The cleaners and polishers are also essential in making beaded jewelry as you need anti-tarnish strips, polishing cloth, cleaners, polishing fluid, rock tumbler, and pearl cleaner to make sure that your final works don’t simply look sparkling but well-made and designed.

Looms and loom supplies are another must-have in your kits. Every professional designer has looms as they are used to weave beading looms with extreme durability and artistry.

The industry of jewelry making is becoming more and more profitable. Many bead and jewelry makers are relying on this industry to boost their business. With the help of jewelry making tools, their endeavor to become successful in the jewelry business is possible. More defined and well-made pieces of beaded jewelry are made with the right tools. Bead weaving, wire works, bead stringing, metal fabrication, metal soldering, and everything about jewelry making is possible with the right tools.