Jewelry Holders

Jewelry holders are specially designed containers used for storing and displaying jewelry. These are basically two of the major uses for these jewelry organizers, which will be discussed below.

Two Major Uses For Jewelry Holders

1.     For Displaying Jewelry

Most of the ornaments and jewelry pieces have very fine and intricate designs. They look beautiful when worn. But it is hard to visualize and appreciate their beauty if they are not displayed on right place and showcased with proper lighting. This is the reason jewelry holders are used by jewelers for displaying their stocks. A well-displayed jewelry piece can also help them earn more profits.

2.     For Storing Jewelry

Jewelry holders are also used for storing personal jewelry. If all jewelry pieces were to be stored in one box, they would get entangled. It would then be difficult to extricate the right piece in right time. Some of the pieces may get damaged in the process. Others may be simply too small to be located easily. They may even fall out of the box while pulling out another chain or trinket. A few of the stones or gems in the jewelry may even fall off from the same. Others may develop scratches and lose their sheen. On the whole, jewelry maintenancecosts can be brought down substantially by using jewelry holders.

Types Of Jewelry Holders

Different types of jewelry holders are used to display or store different kinds of jewelry. Here are some types of jewelry holders.

Bangle Boxes – These are designed to store bangles. Bangle boxes contain cylindrical partson which bangles can be rolled on easily. Such holders are available in different shapes and sizes.

Boxes or Busts – These are used to display necklaces and bracelets with softer and more flexible chains. Small boxes are used to keep rings, and earrings. Larger boxes are used to hold necklaces. These necklace boxes may also be used to display such jewelry in jewelry shops. Dark velvet background emphasizes the beauty of the jewelry piece in them, while satin in such boxes ensures that the jewelry does not develop any scratches with frequent rubbing from other surfaces. Jewelers order such holders from jewelry holders wholesale shops. They get their logos,names, and addresses printed artistically on such jewelry holding boxes or safest jewelry organizer so that the customer would visit them again.

Vintage Jewelry

Holders – These are the more ornate kind of holders. Many of them also offer more space. They are designed like trees, flowering plants, fountains, and a lot more intricate designs. Usually, metalssuch as iron and brass were used to make them. But, there are such jewelry holders made of stones and wood as well. Bangles, chains, and earrings can be hooked or hung on various hooks provided on such holders. Some of these vintage jewelry holders have disc-like levels for keeping other jewelry that can’t be hung. Others were similar to honeycombs that were hung on walls with hooks in the smaller chambers for earrings and hooks below for necklaces and chains. There are jewelry shops that still use some of these methods for displaying their merchandise, and storing them.

Designers have come up with unique jewelry holders that are shaped like twigs tree or jewelry tree stand for holding different types of earrings. These look beautiful as decoration pieces as well. Similarly, there are jewelry boxes with different compartments for different types of jewelry so that such ornaments do not get damaged. These unique objects for holding jewelry are available in the price range of $20 to $50. They are a good gift option.

Diamond Ring Engagement

Several types of jewelries are available in the market. You can find different gemstones attached to earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings that make all of these pricey. Women love to adorn themselves with different kinds of accessories and one of their favorites are diamond rings. Diamonds have been in circulation since God-knows-how-long and have been the most sought after gem for engagement rings for many. They say that a diamond lasts forever that is why this kind of gemstone has already become a symbol for the unfailing and undying love of a man to a woman.

Diamond rings come in various designs that one can choose from for any occasion. For marriage proposals, the most common design is a solitaire ring wherein a single stone is attached to the band which symbolizes elegance and undying love for person receiving it. Most of the time, this kind of ring is available in white gold, palladium, platinum, and yellow gold. There are some who prefer customizing their rings. They design their own bands and decide on the number of stones attached to it. Another design that seems never outdated is rings with sidestones complimenting the center diamond. Some, on the other hand, want diamond rings to be bought in set where it already includes diamond earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Aside from the designs, diamond rings come in various colors as well. The traditional colorless or white diamond now comes in pink, yellow, brown, and even black. Depending on the people who will buy it or make it, a combination of the colors of the diamond can be placed on the jewelry. Definitely, designing and accessorizing a band is easy with the pre loved diamond stones.

Diamond rings also come in various prices depending on the make and the design. However, those who wish to purchase diamond rings should not be disheartened because there are still rings adorned with diamonds that are very affordable. If you are in search for cheap rings the diamond stone, then you can rummage jewelry shops that are on sale. Most of the time, they have several rings that are on sale and you might find the one that fits you or someone who will receive it. You can also check over the internet for online shops offering low cost rings with diamonds. Cheap rings, whether engagement rings or just an ordinary one, is always available for those seeking for it. Just take note however that if you are looking for cheap rings with diamonds, the mass of its gemstone is definitely less than those that are pricey.

Diamonds also come in different shapes. The most common of which is the round-shaped diamond. Another shape is the princess cut which is mostly used in engagement rings basically because the colors are more vibrant at the edges of this cut. There is also the emerald cut diamond wherein its shape is like those of the emerald. A lot of cuts are available which will match various kinds of rings and occasion.

Diamond rings are definitely among the type of jewelry that will never go out of style or demand. With hardness and lovely feature, anybody will definitely fall in love with it!

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Silver jewellery is constantly on the gain recognition as present day style conscious public finds it a fantastic option to gold jewellery. Silver consists of 92.five percent silver and seven.five percent copper, which makes it a more sensible choice for silver jewellery in comparison to fine silver. Fine silver is pure silver, that is rarely employed for silver jewellery since it is too soft.

Silver may be used to make a myriad of jewellery, including bracelets, rings, bracelets, or pendants. But probably the most popular purposes of silver is incorporated in the silver chain. Silver chains can be created in various styles like the figaro, rope, box, lizard, herringbone, curb, and cable. This may also be custom-designed making in shapes such as the gemstone cut, double rope, figure eight, folded anchor, and alternating short- and lengthy-link. This silver chain constitutes a perfect backdrop for lockets and charm add-ons .

How you can clean your Silver jewellery

Silver jewellery might be fashionable, however it can change gold or perhaps black if this is available in connection with the harmful chemicals contained in spas or pools. Items like nail polish remover and bleach may also result in a displeasing impact on silver jewellery. Fortunately, this bit of jewellery could be washed easily by using easy steps.

First is to select the correct cleaning product to make use of. Items for example ammonia, alcohol, bleach, and acetone can harm silver beyond repair therefore the facial cleanser should reduce these chemicals. A gentle facial cleanser ought to be used which should be diluted in water.

After determining around the facial cleanser, the next thing is to select a cleaning brush. Hard bristle brushes made from horsehair and abrasive-bristled brushes aren’t advisable. The very best brush to make use of is really a baby toothbrush, a gentle-bristle brush, or perhaps a mushroom brush.

When the jewellery is blown using the facial cleanser, this ought to be dried later on while using proper cloth. The fabric ought to be 100 % cotton to be able to safeguard the silver jewellery from scratches along with other damages.

These are the stages in the correct cleaning of silver jewellery. By using these easy steps, you can rest assured that the jewellery can last for any very long time.

Silver Ring:

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Highly common and simply accessible silver rings really are a very available gift provided to women. These become very desirable once they include an attractive complement of gems, particularly when provided to a lady.

Silver Candle Holders:

A set of silver candle holders could be a very gift of passion provided to a lady or perhaps a couple. These may be used on the desktop or layer and therefore are always an ideal wedding gift.

Silver Jewellery Box:

Engraved Silver Jewellery Boxes are specifically good gifts provided to women. These are available in a number of colors and designs so take her likes into account prior to going about purchasing one of these simple. A silver jewellery box is really a classic keepsake for the jewellery that they offers it might allow it to be much more special if you might have it personalized to her taste.

Silver Picture Frame:

An image frame could be a great gift suitable for a wedding anniversary. An image already talks a 1000 words which picture is going to be so a lot more treasured whether it was stored in the customized silver picture frame. You’ll have a date or perhaps a special quote engraved around the Picture frame.

Silver Purse Mirror:

You are able to almost always look for a small purse mirror within the purse on most women that they use for checking up their makeup every so often. You can buy her a custom engraved silver mirror that will both be considered a welcome addition to her purse as well as something to brag about. Engraving here ranges from her initials to her a monogram let the creativity flow and impress her!

Silver Card Holders:

They are much more of a unisex item. When the lady you want to purchase a gift for is really a business lady or perhaps a social type a Silver card holder is going to be a great gift on her. Again it’ll really matter if you might have it custom engraved together with her initials.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

These types of silver gifts are fantastic for a variety of occasions varying from her birthday to some marriage anniversary or maybe even an informal gift. Silver Jewellery given as gift is better presented inside a personalized manner to ensure that she will really purchased it. Many online jewellery stores will sell you a variety of silver jewellery and gifts which you can use for just about any occasion. Just be sure you keep her preferences, preferences in perspective prior to going hunting the marketplace it will not only help make your job of choosing a silver gift easy but additionally make certain that you’ll really finish up impressing her whenever you present it.

Dermal Anchor Jewelry: What You Need To Know

I was curious as to what dermal anchor jewelry is, because quite a number of people have been talking about it. That is why I have decided to do a bit of research about it.

So What Exactly Is Dermal Anchor Jewelry?

This type of jewelry is more technically referred to as dermal implants or sometimes micro dermal implants. However, most people simply call them as micro dermal piercing or dermal anchor jewelry. It works as a permanent body piercing, and is sported by the more edgy and daring types of individuals.

Micro dermal piercings are permanent sub dermal skin implants that some people think serve as another option besides the traditional type of piercings. It can be placed on almost any part of your body and must be installed and removed only by a medical expert.

The jewelry made of two separate pieces, and the piercing that is permanently placed into the skin is called the anchor while the other piece is referred to as the jewelry itself since it is the one which will serve as the aesthetic appeal. The anchor will be embedded beneath the skin, and it looks like it has a flat bottom with a step that is sticking out that is parallel to the skin.

What Is The Anchor Made Of, And Is It Safe?

Titanium is used to make the anchor for this type of jewelry. Titanium is preferred because the human body is less likely to react to it compared to steel. The anchor has tiny holes that you can find on its base. This allows for tissue to grow through the holes and secure the anchor once it has been implanted into your skin.

What Procedure Should You Go Through In Order To Get Micro Dermal Piercing?

Before the jewelry is implanted, the skin where you are planning to have the piercing will be carefully cleaned and sterilized. The person will mark the exact area where you would want your piercing with a surgical marker.

Next, he will use a dermal punch to create a hole and take out the skin from that specific spot. Right after that, he will place the microdermal anchor into the piercing with the use of surgical forceps. He will rotate the anchor into the skin until it is level to the skin. Once the area becomes healed the jewelry that you will be placing into the piercing will be in level with the surface of your skin.

Is Getting The Piercing For Dermal Anchor Jewelry Painful?

It might sound scary at first, but for those who want to get the effect of this type of piercing you may find that it is not as scary as that of trans dermal or sub dermal implants. It is not as painful because it is less invasive, and the whole procedure would last about 60 minutes at most.

Dermal anchor jewelry can give your appearance an edge. Since you can change the ornamental piece every so often, it would be cool to have it coordinate with your wardrobe for the day or even your mood for the moment.

Buying Your Diamond Jewelry From Quality Jewelry Stores To Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

Unless of course you’re certain associated with exactly what you are searching for, going to the jewellery shop could make you are feeling uncomfortable. When you are buying diamonds, you need to maintain a few things in your mind. Probably the most recommended things you can do would be to purchase from a trusted shop. That is simply because a few retailers keep your defects within gemstone concealed through look at as well as improve their own cost. A trusted investor should not maintain which bit of info from the actual purchasers.

Choosing real bits of diamonds can be very a good mind-boggling work because just about all expensive diamonds tend to be definitely glowing as well as appealing. Listed here are methods that will help you help to make the best choice:

The actual four C’s: Expensive diamonds tend to be seen as a the actual 4 C’s, specifically reduce, clearness, colour as well as carats. They are the actual functions which choose the buying price of the gemstone. How big the jewel issues too. Contrary to public opinion that expensive diamonds tend to be superior, they’re not really. Actually, they’ve yellow or even brown color close to all of them. Probably the most expensive expensive diamonds tend to be without color as well as clear. The actual pounds of the gemstone is actually calculated when it comes to carats. It’s not hard in order to evaluate how the much more carats the gemstone offers, the larger may be the cost. Gemstone carats won’t be the same because precious metal carats, both are very various. The actual clearness associated with expensive diamonds describes the actual existence associated with any kind of defects inside or even away from expensive diamonds. Any type of defects inside a gemstone decrease it’s cost. Nevertheless, it’s not feasible to determine these types of defects via nude eye. The actual reduce decides the actual user profile associated with any kind of gemstone as well as is dependent just about the abilities from the craftsman.

Cost: We all know which expensive diamonds tend to be pricey. Prior to going away searching for expensive diamonds, maintain which truth in your mind. However, you are able to obtain reasonably costly bits of diamonds whenever you store on the web. You most likely realize that the costs from the products obtainable on the internet are generally less than exactly what you might be requested to pay for whilst purchasing from the bodily shop. That’s due to the fact on the internet sellers possess reduced cost to do business costs, because they aren’t necessary to possess numerous workers or even spend substantial rental fees for his or her shops. You are able to certainly find wholesalers associated with diamonds promoting their own items from really aggressive costs through maintaining their own earnings as well as cost to do business costs reduced.

Retailers: Purchasing expensive diamonds on the web might end up being very dangerous. Definitely, there are lots of dependable retailers, providing products from affordable costs as well as extremely appealing conditions. However, it will likely be very reasonable to think that we now have individuals promoting phony products, such as expensive diamonds. It’s not a pleasing considered to spend a lot of money with regard to mementos. That means it is completely vital that you only use dependable shops which have required records with regard to promoting gemstones. You are able to check the internet evaluations submitted through additional purchasers prior to purchasing costly jewellery through a good online shop, to ensure you’re coping with an established shop. Purchasing jewellery products via online auctions is actually a bad concept to have an typical purchaser, unacquainted with the actual methods from the industry.

Specific suppliers: Expensive diamonds are usually offered as part of jewellery through jewellery stores or even sellers providing top quality styles from predefined costs. Developers maintain presenting the most recent styles within marketplace. The buying price of a bit of diamonds is dependent not just upon it’s 4C’s, but additionally about the masterfully created as well as refined expensive diamonds it has and also the general style of this item.

The standard exercise for many shops would be to show a stylish selection of jewellery in a single the main show eye-port in order to appeal to clients and gives a variety of valuable gemstones in various alloys. The current pattern would be to arranged valuable gemstones within precious metal, platinum eagle as well as metallic.

Gemstone retailers maintain searching for potential purchasers who does purchase their own things within mass. Normally, their own customers tend to be producers associated with diamonds or even rich people. They often market refined expensive diamonds within unset types. These people utilize suitable equipment as well as experienced employees who are able to reduce as well as shine expensive diamonds within eye-catching styles in order to appeal clients.

Nevertheless, lots of people choose famous diamonds stores, not really since they’re pretentious, however simply because they recognize the advantages of purchasing through most respected shops. With regard to purchasing a pricey product, like a gemstone, it is suggested to utilize a famous shop in order to make sure you get an authentic gemstone using the greatest associated with four C’s.

Jewelry Steam Cleaner

Jewelry steam cleaner is a great tool to restore your jewelry back to its original brilliance and luster quickly, efficiently and economically. Overtime, fingerprints, body lotion, perfume, hair spray, perspiration, and dirt, will dull the shine of your precious gems. And steam is a non-toxic and environmentally safe way to clean these away.

There are now jewelry steam cleaners specially made for home use. They are very convenient and easy to operate and work fabulously to clean the little crevices around inset stones. But care must still be taken or you may find yourself kissing good-bye to the precious jewelry.

The biggest mistake you can make with jewelry cleaning is to use the steam cleaner on all your items. Firstly, jewelry cleaners are meant for fine jewelry like gold, silver or precious stones. So forget about cleaning costume jewelry with it.

Not all fine jewelry are suitable for steam cleaning either. Pearl for one cannot take heat and will be damaged by steam. Don’t steam anything with glass, porous or dyed stones, or that has glue in it too.

Finally, some jewelry items are just best left to the professionals to clean even though you own a jewelry steam cleaner. For instance, items with lots of tiny stones. You can easily loosen and lose a few stones if you aren’t careful.

The Jewel Jet jewelry cleaner is specifically designed for home users with an 8 oz water-holding capacity. It uses powerful bursts of steam to blast away dirt and grime from the jewelry, which is the cleaning method professional jewelers have been using for years.

The jewlery cleaner is fast with a 3 minutes heat up time. A ready light will indicate when the machine is ready for use. It comes with a container to hold cleaning solution for you to soak the jewelry in before steaming. A small basket acts as a safety catch of stones that may come loose during cleaning. You can use the accompanying long tweezers and loop to inspect stones with before and after cleaning.

Blitz Professional Jewelry Steam Cleaner

The professional jewelry cleaner by Blitz is designed for the jewelry business yet affordable for home use. It requires no chemicals and uses 42 oz of tap water to produce the brand-new look for the jewelry.

The machine comes with a 1.7 liter/1.5 quarts tank so there is no need to refill often when cleaning lots of jewelry. Distilled water is recommended though if you intend to use it heavily for a prolonged period.

The steam cleaner comes with a foot pedal for easy operation. Housed in durable steel shell, it has multiple safety features such as self-regulating temperature built in for your protection. Steamer tweezers, fill cup and funnel, and a basket for holding jewelry during cleaning are the standard accessories included in the package.

Jewel Jet Steamer

The Jewel Jet Steamer helps restore the bling to your jewelry selection dulled by wear and the elements. This steam jewelry cleaner reinstates their glimmer applying powerful bursts of steam to blast aside filth and grime from the jewelry. Professional jewelers have used this technique of cleaning for decades in their outlets. With Jewel Jet Steamer, it is easy to thoroughly clean your jewelry the expert way in the comfort of your home.

Technical Specifications

The Jewel Jet steam cleaner was created by experienced jewelers for home use to clean jewelry with effective steam bursts. Quite likely the very first home jewelry steam cleaner, you can now properly clean the diamond rings between your regular trips to jeweler. It requires minimal maintenance for moderate usage with no mess to clean up.

A completely assembled Jewel Jet jewelry steam cleaner measures 6″ x 9″ x 10 1/2″. The accessories include a stainless steel catch basket, long tweezers, jewelry cleaner jar, measuring cup, and funnel. The jar is for pre-soaking jewelry in cleaning solution to loosen dirt but buyers have found it to clean equally well without this step.

The machine holds 8 oz. of plain tap water without any added chemical compounds to produce the cleaning vapor. The tabletop model is user friendly. After you connect the machine, the water will heat up in roughly 3 minutes. The cleaner is all set to use once the red light automatically turns off.

The Jewel Jet steamer converts water into steam via a misting nozzle on the front. You only need to hold the jewelry near the nozzle with tweezers to steam away. The cleaning itself generally takes just a few seconds.


Jewel Jet steamer is largely meant for your diamonds. Even so, you can use it to steam clean sapphires and rubies too. It’s also possible to steam clean any silver, gold, or platinum jewelry without risk.

You need to be careful never to steam clean soft, porous or heat-sensitive gems. Coral, emerald, garnets, lapis, opal, perodot, pearl, tanzanite, and turquoise are a handful of good examples in this category. Costume and other jewelry containing glue must not be steam cleaned either.

Don’t regret for life unwittingly damaging your cherished jewelry by putting every piece of them through a jewelry steam cleaner. Not all of them can be steam cleaned. Check with your jeweler whenever you’re unsure.

It is fairly safe to operate a Jewel Jet steam machine. Still, you ought to ensure that it stays out of the reach of young children. The temperature of the steam is often rather hot, although it’s not going to burn you like the home iron might.

Finest Jewelry

Searching good is really a fundamental human inclination. However, how much money that certain want to invest in searching good differs from one individual to a different and it is susceptible to many factors. Our fashion sense and taste is among the vital factors that determines what we should buy. If you’re certainly one of individuals who don’t compromise in your add-ons due to the price involved, then you’re certain to possess an alluring assortment of “fine” jewellery.

Which jewellery, a number of you might request, could be categorized as “fine” jewellery? A bangle constructed of brass may look just like “fine” for you as you constructed of gold. Plainly speaking, fine jewellery might be understood to be jewellery constructed of gold and silver for example silver or gold and hang with precious or semi-gemstones. However, this really is neither your final definition nor a complete one. It easily omits the best jewellery of occasions, platinum jewellery. Also, it’s not always needed that the rare metal ought to be set with diamonds or any other gemstones to have the ability to become qualified as “fine” jewellery.

Any jewellery that’s precious and it is constructed of metals or gemstones that people consider precious and costly grouped into the group of “fine jewellery”. The best gold, silver, platinum and diamonds are selected for use within the crafting of proper jewellery. Designed specifically for that discriminating eye, fine jewellery will come in exclusive designs and it is immaculately crafted. Bridal jewellery, wedding rings and gemstone rings occur gold or platinum are individuals of proper jewellery which are made with immense articulation as well as an eye for detail. Fine jewellery is much like a treasure, a piece of timeless ethereal perfection, which stays flowering for those occasions in the future.

Many people want their jewelry piecies to become personally designed and never individuals available on lots of jewellery stores. It will help them have a feeling of confidence understanding that the jewellery they’re putting on is exclusive which those are the just one that has it and may put on them. These types of people have a tendency to ask for the finest jewellery designer but they are getting a difficult time finding them. How can you discover the finest designer for the jewellery? Where are you

Finest Jewelryfinding them?

Locating the finest designer can definitely be a challenge particularly if you are searching in the wrong place. You have to request yourself first, what type of designer I ought to need, what must i expect for inside a designer along with other things. Without having any idea where you can look, it might be better to request a number of your buddies first when they know some designers.

The following factor you must do is verify the way the designer functions by asking also your buddies how was the standard of labor, how was the look, could it be worth your time and effort visiting the designer and letting her or him design the jewellery for you personally along with other things to help you decide.

Finest Jewelry

If you’re still unsure about whom your buddies are suggesting to, you should check a few of the designer’s review online. Many people today generally have a web-based portfolio where they are able to showcase their talents on paper articles, drawing, website design, as well as jewellery designs. Searching for many review regarding that exact designer and discover for yourself the other people says about their work. You will see a large number of reviews both bad and the good to help you decide if you are while using service from the stated designer.

If at one time that you simply decide that you’re going for this certain designer, make certain that you’ll use another designer next time you’ll be requiring designs for the jewellery. This is often known as the learning from mistakes and elimination meaning that you’ll be testing out different jewellery designer after which evaluating the work they do. After that you can discount individuals designers you don’t like the standard of labor. Just do this again til you have a more compact quantity of options after which stick to the designer who gave the finest quality of labor.

Men’s jewelry

As mentioned the jewelry, most of us think it would be the women’s right to buy and wear the beautiful jewelry. But it shows that the growth of men’s jewelry is increasing quickly at present. A survey reported that most percents of women supported the men should wear the jewelry more than just the wedding ring to be more handsome and charming. Men like to appreciate the beautiful girls, meanwhile, women like to enjoy the handsome men. So the jewelry is a way to attract their eyes.

The first thing should be known before choosing the men’s jewelry is that the jewelry is no exaggeration. The gold and silver come to be the most popular for the men’s jewelry, and then come to the metal material such as alloy, platinum, stainless steel, titanium and so on. The watches, tie bars, rings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks are the most popular among the young men nowadays.

Rings must be the most important jewelry for men. The men’s rings are not as various as women’s, they always come in a simple style with gold, silver or metal material. Men can choose the tradition material rings such as some precious metal, gold or silver; they also can choose the modern style in industrial metal.

When choosing the necklace of men’s, the length should be better between 18 to 24 inches. The men’s necklaces always have thick chain, it should be the golden or silver chain without any pendant.

It is common for the men wearing the earrings, in general, the earrings can show one’s personality and liking. All the men’s earrings are ear pins, it looks very odd to see a man wearing the ear drops.

After learning how to choose the right jewelry for men, they need to know how to keep jewelry in a good condition. Store the jewelry in the jewelry box avoiding from chemicals and activities. Washing and cleaning the jewelry for a period of time in order to protect your skin.

Earring stand – shopping advices

Before deciding on a certain earring stand, you should know how big and spacious it may be. Some of us may need a stand that can keep just 6 to 8 pairs of earrings while jewelry fanatic will need a lot more. If you want to buy it just for display and you intend to keep a couple of pairs in plain sight and the others in your jewelry drawer, than the design is the uttermost important feature, and not the size.

While a jewelry tree is great for hoop earrings, if you have a lot of stud earrings this might not work. More modern design can come with horizontal leaves can hold up to two pairs of smaller earrings. If you want a simple look, look for a jewelry stand made from wood as a shiny, metallic one is more suited for a modern look.

Check the base of the stand. Many displays look good but they are technically unable to hold more earrings, even if they were designed to. It has to be sturdy and perfectly finished because if you tend to put more earrings on the left side if the base isn’t solid and heavier, the earrings stand will most likely fall.

A plain, black or white support, with lots of small holes is a great choice if you want to have all your earrings on display. It can be T shaped or it can have a funky shape. Rotating earring stands allow you to hang more earrings and to easily browse around until you decide on a certain pair. This display allows you to hang even your necklaces or bracelets if you wish to.

So, if you want to impress, choose an earring stand that has a unique design and shape but less space for your jewelry and if the look is less important, look for simple stands that can hold lots of earrings.