Dermal Anchor Jewelry: What You Need To Know

I was curious as to what dermal anchor jewelry is, because quite a number of people have been talking about it. That is why I have decided to do a bit of research about it.

So What Exactly Is Dermal Anchor Jewelry?

This type of jewelry is more technically referred to as dermal implants or sometimes micro dermal implants. However, most people simply call them as micro dermal piercing or dermal anchor jewelry. It works as a permanent body piercing, and is sported by the more edgy and daring types of individuals.

Micro dermal piercings are permanent sub dermal skin implants that some people think serve as another option besides the traditional type of piercings. It can be placed on almost any part of your body and must be installed and removed only by a medical expert.

The jewelry made of two separate pieces, and the piercing that is permanently placed into the skin is called the anchor while the other piece is referred to as the jewelry itself since it is the one which will serve as the aesthetic appeal. The anchor will be embedded beneath the skin, and it looks like it has a flat bottom with a step that is sticking out that is parallel to the skin.

What Is The Anchor Made Of, And Is It Safe?

Titanium is used to make the anchor for this type of jewelry. Titanium is preferred because the human body is less likely to react to it compared to steel. The anchor has tiny holes that you can find on its base. This allows for tissue to grow through the holes and secure the anchor once it has been implanted into your skin.

What Procedure Should You Go Through In Order To Get Micro Dermal Piercing?

Before the jewelry is implanted, the skin where you are planning to have the piercing will be carefully cleaned and sterilized. The person will mark the exact area where you would want your piercing with a surgical marker.

Next, he will use a dermal punch to create a hole and take out the skin from that specific spot. Right after that, he will place the microdermal anchor into the piercing with the use of surgical forceps. He will rotate the anchor into the skin until it is level to the skin. Once the area becomes healed the jewelry that you will be placing into the piercing will be in level with the surface of your skin.

Is Getting The Piercing For Dermal Anchor Jewelry Painful?

It might sound scary at first, but for those who want to get the effect of this type of piercing you may find that it is not as scary as that of trans dermal or sub dermal implants. It is not as painful because it is less invasive, and the whole procedure would last about 60 minutes at most.

Dermal anchor jewelry can give your appearance an edge. Since you can change the ornamental piece every so often, it would be cool to have it coordinate with your wardrobe for the day or even your mood for the moment.