Earring stand – shopping advices

Before deciding on a certain earring stand, you should know how big and spacious it may be. Some of us may need a stand that can keep just 6 to 8 pairs of earrings while jewelry fanatic will need a lot more. If you want to buy it just for display and you intend to keep a couple of pairs in plain sight and the others in your jewelry drawer, than the design is the uttermost important feature, and not the size.

While a jewelry tree is great for hoop earrings, if you have a lot of stud earrings this might not work. More modern design can come with horizontal leaves can hold up to two pairs of smaller earrings. If you want a simple look, look for a jewelry stand made from wood as a shiny, metallic one is more suited for a modern look.

Check the base of the stand. Many displays look good but they are technically unable to hold more earrings, even if they were designed to. It has to be sturdy and perfectly finished because if you tend to put more earrings on the left side if the base isn’t solid and heavier, the earrings stand will most likely fall.

A plain, black or white support, with lots of small holes is a great choice if you want to have all your earrings on display. It can be T shaped or it can have a funky shape. Rotating earring stands allow you to hang more earrings and to easily browse around until you decide on a certain pair. This display allows you to hang even your necklaces or bracelets if you wish to.

So, if you want to impress, choose an earring stand that has a unique design and shape but less space for your jewelry and if the look is less important, look for simple stands that can hold lots of earrings.