Jewel Jet Steamer

The Jewel Jet Steamer helps restore the bling to your jewelry selection dulled by wear and the elements. This steam jewelry cleaner reinstates their glimmer applying powerful bursts of steam to blast aside filth and grime from the jewelry. Professional jewelers have used this technique of cleaning for decades in their outlets. With Jewel Jet Steamer, it is easy to thoroughly clean your jewelry the expert way in the comfort of your home.

Technical Specifications

The Jewel Jet steam cleaner was created by experienced jewelers for home use to clean jewelry with effective steam bursts. Quite likely the very first home jewelry steam cleaner, you can now properly clean the diamond rings between your regular trips to jeweler. It requires minimal maintenance for moderate usage with no mess to clean up.

A completely assembled Jewel Jet jewelry steam cleaner measures 6″ x 9″ x 10 1/2″. The accessories include a stainless steel catch basket, long tweezers, jewelry cleaner jar, measuring cup, and funnel. The jar is for pre-soaking jewelry in cleaning solution to loosen dirt but buyers have found it to clean equally well without this step.

The machine holds 8 oz. of plain tap water without any added chemical compounds to produce the cleaning vapor. The tabletop model is user friendly. After you connect the machine, the water will heat up in roughly 3 minutes. The cleaner is all set to use once the red light automatically turns off.

The Jewel Jet steamer converts water into steam via a misting nozzle on the front. You only need to hold the jewelry near the nozzle with tweezers to steam away. The cleaning itself generally takes just a few seconds.


Jewel Jet steamer is largely meant for your diamonds. Even so, you can use it to steam clean sapphires and rubies too. It’s also possible to steam clean any silver, gold, or platinum jewelry without risk.

You need to be careful never to steam clean soft, porous or heat-sensitive gems. Coral, emerald, garnets, lapis, opal, perodot, pearl, tanzanite, and turquoise are a handful of good examples in this category. Costume and other jewelry containing glue must not be steam cleaned either.

Don’t regret for life unwittingly damaging your cherished jewelry by putting every piece of them through a jewelry steam cleaner. Not all of them can be steam cleaned. Check with your jeweler whenever you’re unsure.

It is fairly safe to operate a Jewel Jet steam machine. Still, you ought to ensure that it stays out of the reach of young children. The temperature of the steam is often rather hot, although it’s not going to burn you like the home iron might.