Jewelry Holders

Jewelry holders are specially designed containers used for storing and displaying jewelry. These are basically two of the major uses for these jewelry organizers, which will be discussed below.

Two Major Uses For Jewelry Holders

1.     For Displaying Jewelry

Most of the ornaments and jewelry pieces have very fine and intricate designs. They look beautiful when worn. But it is hard to visualize and appreciate their beauty if they are not displayed on right place and showcased with proper lighting. This is the reason jewelry holders are used by jewelers for displaying their stocks. A well-displayed jewelry piece can also help them earn more profits.

2.     For Storing Jewelry

Jewelry holders are also used for storing personal jewelry. If all jewelry pieces were to be stored in one box, they would get entangled. It would then be difficult to extricate the right piece in right time. Some of the pieces may get damaged in the process. Others may be simply too small to be located easily. They may even fall out of the box while pulling out another chain or trinket. A few of the stones or gems in the jewelry may even fall off from the same. Others may develop scratches and lose their sheen. On the whole, jewelry maintenancecosts can be brought down substantially by using jewelry holders.

Types Of Jewelry Holders

Different types of jewelry holders are used to display or store different kinds of jewelry. Here are some types of jewelry holders.

Bangle Boxes – These are designed to store bangles. Bangle boxes contain cylindrical partson which bangles can be rolled on easily. Such holders are available in different shapes and sizes.

Boxes or Busts – These are used to display necklaces and bracelets with softer and more flexible chains. Small boxes are used to keep rings, and earrings. Larger boxes are used to hold necklaces. These necklace boxes may also be used to display such jewelry in jewelry shops. Dark velvet background emphasizes the beauty of the jewelry piece in them, while satin in such boxes ensures that the jewelry does not develop any scratches with frequent rubbing from other surfaces. Jewelers order such holders from jewelry holders wholesale shops. They get their logos,names, and addresses printed artistically on such jewelry holding boxes or safest jewelry organizer so that the customer would visit them again.

Vintage Jewelry

Holders – These are the more ornate kind of holders. Many of them also offer more space. They are designed like trees, flowering plants, fountains, and a lot more intricate designs. Usually, metalssuch as iron and brass were used to make them. But, there are such jewelry holders made of stones and wood as well. Bangles, chains, and earrings can be hooked or hung on various hooks provided on such holders. Some of these vintage jewelry holders have disc-like levels for keeping other jewelry that can’t be hung. Others were similar to honeycombs that were hung on walls with hooks in the smaller chambers for earrings and hooks below for necklaces and chains. There are jewelry shops that still use some of these methods for displaying their merchandise, and storing them.

Designers have come up with unique jewelry holders that are shaped like twigs tree or jewelry tree stand for holding different types of earrings. These look beautiful as decoration pieces as well. Similarly, there are jewelry boxes with different compartments for different types of jewelry so that such ornaments do not get damaged. These unique objects for holding jewelry are available in the price range of $20 to $50. They are a good gift option.