Jewelry Steam Cleaner

Jewelry steam cleaner is a great tool to restore your jewelry back to its original brilliance and luster quickly, efficiently and economically. Overtime, fingerprints, body lotion, perfume, hair spray, perspiration, and dirt, will dull the shine of your precious gems. And steam is a non-toxic and environmentally safe way to clean these away.

There are now jewelry steam cleaners specially made for home use. They are very convenient and easy to operate and work fabulously to clean the little crevices around inset stones. But care must still be taken or you may find yourself kissing good-bye to the precious jewelry.

The biggest mistake you can make with jewelry cleaning is to use the steam cleaner on all your items. Firstly, jewelry cleaners are meant for fine jewelry like gold, silver or precious stones. So forget about cleaning costume jewelry with it.

Not all fine jewelry are suitable for steam cleaning either. Pearl for one cannot take heat and will be damaged by steam. Don’t steam anything with glass, porous or dyed stones, or that has glue in it too.

Finally, some jewelry items are just best left to the professionals to clean even though you own a jewelry steam cleaner. For instance, items with lots of tiny stones. You can easily loosen and lose a few stones if you aren’t careful.

The Jewel Jet jewelry cleaner is specifically designed for home users with an 8 oz water-holding capacity. It uses powerful bursts of steam to blast away dirt and grime from the jewelry, which is the cleaning method professional jewelers have been using for years.

The jewlery cleaner is fast with a 3 minutes heat up time. A ready light will indicate when the machine is ready for use. It comes with a container to hold cleaning solution for you to soak the jewelry in before steaming. A small basket acts as a safety catch of stones that may come loose during cleaning. You can use the accompanying long tweezers and loop to inspect stones with before and after cleaning.

Blitz Professional Jewelry Steam Cleaner

The professional jewelry cleaner by Blitz is designed for the jewelry business yet affordable for home use. It requires no chemicals and uses 42 oz of tap water to produce the brand-new look for the jewelry.

The machine comes with a 1.7 liter/1.5 quarts tank so there is no need to refill often when cleaning lots of jewelry. Distilled water is recommended though if you intend to use it heavily for a prolonged period.

The steam cleaner comes with a foot pedal for easy operation. Housed in durable steel shell, it has multiple safety features such as self-regulating temperature built in for your protection. Steamer tweezers, fill cup and funnel, and a basket for holding jewelry during cleaning are the standard accessories included in the package.